How to Prevent Summer Sun Spots

Summer brings out all the fun- and the brown spots. Prone to hyperpigmentation? You’ve probably noticed the condition worsens in summer. These skin care tips will help in your quest for more evenly-toned skin during the hot summer months.


1. Use a hydroquinone product. Hydroquinone is a naturally-occurring substance in many fruits and grains. This workhorse ingredient lightens and fades existing discoloration and helps suppress melanin cells to fade AND prevent new brown spots.

2. Wear sunscreen—applied generously and often. The number one cause of premature skin aging is from UV light and that exposure can bring out sun spots. Heat also stimulates melanin, and can exacerbate melasma. The real truth to sunscreen is not about the SPF number (although an SPF 30 is the minimum you should ever wear) but how generously it is applied, and how often it is reapplied. Reapply every 80 minutes if you’re in the water; every two hours if you’re in the sun.

3. Exfoliate. Used regularly, exfoliants can help break apart pigmented cells to lessen their appearance. But don’t overdo it during the summer when melanin cells are active and too much exfoliation may actually trigger more melanin.

4. Layer a Vitamin C& E serum under your sunscreen. Duke University Medical Center researchers determined that using a lotion or serum with vitamins C and E under sunscreen actually provides four times the protection of sunscreen alone. We love SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum, a multiple beauty award winner.

5. Get monthly facials or light peels. Professional facials load your skin with powerful antioxidants beyond homecare products. Exfoliating peels can help break apart pigmented cells to lessen their appearance.

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